Since 1984 colortex has produced and supplied textiles for the shoe industry, the orthopaedics as well as the automobile industry. Qualified employees develop, produce and merchandise our textiles. The optimal interaction of fashionable, functional and technical characteristics is located in the center of our work.

Quality assurance and research and development are capitalized in our enterprise.


01. Mai 1984

Year of founding

Managing partner

Mr. Reinhard Turnwald
Mrs. Jutta Turnwald

Sales management

Mr. Michael Sanio

Technical Administration

Mrs. Anja Burkhardt-Karrenbrock
Dipl. Ing. Textiltechnik

Production manager

Mr. Peter Bergdoll


Mrs. Margot Zimmermann


Paul Hundertmark GmbH
66955 Pirmasens
Managing partner: Mr. Wolfgang Bopp